Meet the Owners: Andrew & Sophia


We're not complicated people. We find beauty in the simple things. Rolling down an empty road, hot coffee on a chilly morning, camaraderie among like-minded people. For years, we've been trying to think of ways to live a simple life that encompasses our passions on a daily basis. As food service professionals (we've been working in the restaurant industry for 10+ years each), we've learned a few things about ourselves: we love meeting people, we know how to work hard, and we don't waste our time doing anything we don't love to do.

After countless conversations about our dreams and aspirations, it was clear that we were itching for change. In the three short weeks following that conversation, we used the last of our savings to move from our lifelong hometown of St. Paul, MN to Seattle, WA. As we settled into our new home, we met new people, found jobs, learned about the city... slowly but surely, our new adventure was staring us dead in the face: Moto Brew Coffee Company.

So here we are, roasting small batches of coffee and delivering locally to our clients by motorcycle. For now, this pace suits us just fine... but we have BIG ideas for the future! We're eager to continue on this adventure, and we appreciate all of your support- we wouldn't be here without it.

Andrew & Sophia