The Artisan 6M: Complete Roasting & Bean Cooling System
[by Coffee Crafters in Liberty Lake, WA]

The Artisan 6M roaster provides us the ability to craft especially vibrant and specific taste profiles. The chaff is removed through a vacuum during roasting, which prevents it from burning in the batch. This yields incredibly crisp and unique flavor profiles, and allows the characteristics of the beans to shine through.

Each new roast profile requires a couple batches of experimentation to find the perfect harmony of heat and air to bring the beans to perfection. After a few practice runs and a lot of note-taking, we conclude a specific "recipe" for each roast to ensure consistent results.


We source our green beans through Intercontinental Trading Company (follow link at the bottom of page for more info), and currently offer four different beans at this time: Organic Peru, Organic Guatemalan, Organic Chiapas (Mexico), and Swiss-Water pressed Ethiopian Decaf. 

PSA TO OUR HONDURAS FANS: Our Organic dark-roasted Honduras is temporarily unavailable due to coffee crop fluctuations, and will return in the fall! In the meantime, please give our Organic Peru a try! It is serving as a lovely substitute until we welcome Honduras back to our menu.

Organic Peru - Dark (NEW!)

Notes coming soon!

Organic Mexican Chiapas - Medium

The southern Chiapas region is renowned for yielding coffees with distinguished fruit notes and a light body. Cupping notes: Silky medium acidity, palate notes of bittersweet chocolate, with an aftertaste of honey.

Organic Guatemalan - Medium

Huehuetenango coffees are complex, due to distinctive and delicate fruit notes. Cupping notes: Light body with a floral aroma and subtle notes of walnut with gentle acidity, ending with a clean finish.

Organic Ethiopian - Decaf

Notes coming soon!

Organic Honduras - Dark
(temporarily unavailable)

Our Honduran beans are sourced from the region of La Entrada Copan, where they are grown in organic clay at an altitude of 1,000-1,500m. Cupping notes: mild citrus with medium body, notes of sweet cocoa and cherry.